Eleonora Sovrani’s Journal

An inventory of lost or abandoned memories

We are immersed in the immaterial culture, but the number of objects we own today, is larger than before, and, with this, the number of their losses and abandonments. We lose very personal objects, and their nature suggests intimate relationships with the person who owns it, such as a piece of underwear or an identity card. However, we also lose objects whose relationship with a specific subject is less evident, and this is the case of electronic devices. In particular, if external hardware such as USB sticks, HDD, RAM and SIM cards generally do not show evident traces of their respective owners externally, at the same time they can contain very personal details or valuable information archives.

What to-do then with the personal and collective memories trapped within these lost or abandoned items?

This is a site-specific research project. It has been presented as an installation during the collective exhibition FLUXBOOKS, From the Sixties to the Future presented at the Bevilacqua Palazzetto Tito in Venice in 2015, in collaboration with the Bonotto Foundation.

Fondazione Bonotto