Eleonora Sovrani’s Journal


Differently from most of the European cities, in Brussels there is no unique legislation concerning the electoral posters display. For this reason, before the elections, the candidates’ posters boom in a wild way almost everywhere in town.

This images trip follows the steps of a wandering from the European district, across Saint Josse’s district, the downtown area, to the Marolles. The recourse to image has the aim to document the visual change of the urban context before the elections 2012, with a particular focus on the insertion of the electoral images among the other elements of the landscape, on the heterogeneousness of the candidates and on the distinctive features which change in relation to the different municipality.

This photo series was presented during the collective exhibition Ethnographies Bruxelloises-Enquêtes par la photographie curated by Giulietta Laki and Ariane De Hoop, Saint Louis University, Brussels, 2013.

Installation view, Saint Louis University, Brussels, 2013.