Eleonora Sovrani’s Journal

Magic Cookie / Fortune Cookie

At the present each web user is pent-up within a personalized information bubble generated by algorithms s/he has not direct control upon.

Google itself, the most utilised browser nowadays, personalizes the search results provided to its users on the base of both objective data (for example, the place where the research is made, browser and computer employed, etc…) and subjective data (access to a Google account, activation of its Google Web History, etc…): users’ access to information is thus limited by multiple variables.

Magic Cookie aims at the investigation of such a limit by correlating the different personalized Google search results from a sampling of ten volunteers coming from various cultures and based all over the world.

This is an on-going research project. It has been presented as photographic installation during the Schiume Festival in Forte Marghera in July 2013. A follow-up of the reasearch has been presented in Melbourne in 2014 as part of the exhibition Can we please play the Internet? curated by Rosemary Willink.

Fortune Cookie / Installation
Can we please play the Internet
Eleonora Sovrani, Andrea Buran

Installation view at Schiume Festival.

Detail of installation.

Detail of installation.