Eleonora Sovrani’s Journal


Terraceopenings is an open project that aims to involve the neighbourhood in artistic events staged on a terrace.

By living in a “fluid” modern city, it is possible to feel of “staying in a place” more then actively living in it. This fact influences human relations in living spaces: we often don’t know who resides in our neighbourhood, we can see people and we know they can see us through the window, but we don’t share any experience with them.

Terraceopenings wishes to create a contact between people who live around one spot, involving them in various artistic events in the same common physical space.

The first Terraceopenings events took place in a terrace in the heart of the European District in Brussels during the period from September 2012 until October 2015.

The Mechanical Tales in concert

Terraceopening ONE , Cédric Castus in concert.

Terraceopening TWO, Moonlight Calling Improvisation concert.

Terraceopening THREE, Oscar Miranda in concert.